Critical thinking and why is it important?

Critical thinking is an important component in making good decisions.  What is critical thinking?  Why is it important?  How can you use it to make better decisions?

Critical thinking is the ability to think in a clear and rational way especially on what to do or believe. Critical thinking can be considered an asset for any career because with such a skill helps a person to be able to think well as well as solve problems systematically. It enhances the presentation skills of any person because it improves how people improve how they express their ideas, how they analyze things and improve their comprehension. I think that creativity is also enhanced through critical thinking because of the ability to analyze and choose new ideas as well as modify them when there is need. Through critical thinking, one can be in a position to make better decisions because of the fact that it enables one to find out all the information they require and analyze it critically before coming to any conclusions and making decision.