Explain issues and opportunities in the supply chain.

Issues & Opportunities in supply chain 

  • Issues: P&G also face some issues in the supply chain adoption and these issues are:
  • P&G is facing issues when they enter the new market and it hard for them to develop a complete supply chain management there.
  • P&G also face issues in their existing supply chain members when the demand for suppliers and vendors get high due to inflation.
  • At the start, the supply chain is costly to adopt, and it is also another issue for P&G.
  • Also, the disruption in the global supply chain will affect negatively on the business. (P&G Staff, 2015)
  • Opportunities: P&G also have some opportunities in the supply chain area, and they are:
  • P&G have a chance to adopt supply chain at optimization level. Although they are already leaders in the supply chain they do not reach the top level.
  • P&G can reduce cost by focusing more on the supply chain planning.
  • P&G can enter the new market with their supply chain members.
  • More research can be doing in the area of supply chain. (P&G Staff, 2015)