Is the FLSA a Dinosaur?

Does the 40-hour workweek still make sense? Would you recommend changing to a “pay period” calculation for overtime? For example, if a company pays workers every two weeks, should hours over 80 in a pay period be used to determine overtime rather than 40 in a week?

Employees are the resources of the company by which organization’s effectiveness and productivity would be increased, and employees have technical, human and conceptual skills by which they promote their organization. Organizations are supposed to grow with the skills that found in their employees, at the lower level, employees have technical skills while at the middle level and upper level, employees have other important skills. For this question, right or wrong answer is not available properly. In one scenario, 40 hours week may be right, and in another scenario, it may be wrong. With the change of environment, and specially the environment of workplace changed, it makes hour thing applicable in the workplace as to check every worker is not possible now. Researches show that these things make a positive difference sometimes and positively affect the business and workplace environment. The efficiency can be increased by the implementation of 40 hours in a week.  Overtime change and their calculation are totally dependent on the company. It is said that if organizations gives the overtime to their employees who work 40 hours then this step will lead to employee’s satisfaction and ultimately their performances will also be better and at the end result, organizations receive advantage and benefits in the form of increase in sales and also increase in revenues (Verma, 2016).

How should nonexempt workers track their time spent away from work doing tasks such as responding to e-mail or text messages?

For the purpose to keep a record, it is important to use work hours calendar which is available in printed form. Different companies and organizations have their own work hour’s calendars, and they are designed according to the nature of business. The company provides these calendars to their employees. On this calendar, all activities are mentioned, and if time spent by an employee on other activity, then it would also be mentioned. However, it should be noticed that responds to mails or reply to messages would not be considered as wastage of time if it is not done frequently as a habit of employee and it should be acceptable for the company. DOL timesheets is another option by which company calculate the time which is spent on work and the time also mentioned which is spent on outside the work activities.

Would you recommend that private-sector employers be permitted to offer nonexempt employees’ compensatory time off rather than pay for overtime hours worked?

It could have both impacts as negative and also positive on the company and also on the individual as well. As concern with the positive impact, flexibility of organization would be increased, and the rigidity decreased. Moreover, the cost of the transaction also reduced, but at the same time, this will also lead to negative impact like multifarious accounting practice and issues of psychological or physical.