Creative Benefits Tie Employees to the Company

From the different examples in case, it is proved now that the creative benefits do positively impact on the employee who worked in the company. It helps the organization to attract the talented and handsome people for hiring, and also it would help the organization in the retention of the valuable employees of the organization as talented and valuable employees are very important for an organization which strengthen it and cannot copy easily by others.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of offering unique and creative benefits to employees?

Creative benefits have different advantages for the company like tax advantage, providing good benefits plan to an employee with the satisfactory pay and save money, insurance plan which provides the benefit of the employees and retains their interests towards the company. It also provides that organizations pay if their employees will have some health issues. At the last point, it is said that if companies succeed for retain their valuable talents and have it for future; then it will give them a competitive edge over their competitors. It is important to note that flexibility can be observed by the creative plan and employee’s motivation would be increased in a positive manner but if it would use in an unfair manner, then it will result totally opposite (McKeever, 2015). The advantage of creative plans is mentioned below:

  • Any flaw in policies can lead to a lawsuit and fine.
  • These benefits are costly for smaller companies.
  • Increased cost of health insurances (expensive).
  • Legal compliance is attached to it which have legal fees and

How would an organization determine the types of benefits that employees might want? What methods of collecting this information would you recommend a company use if the goal is to enhance the employer’s ability to attract and retain high-quality talent?

Organization’s major problem now days are “perception”. Managers of much organization have the wrong perception about their employees, and they think that their employees are happy and satisfied while the condition is opposite. With the help of strong relationship with employees, managers can easily identify their employee’s satisfaction levels and also the cause of their disappointments. Informal gathering and a friendly talk with employees also reveal employee’s wishes to the manager. Also, a survey on how competitors attract and retain their employees will also be beneficial to identify the benefit plans (Hoffmann, 2014).

What are the pros and cons of allowing individual managers to design and offer creative benefits to their employee group? How would it impact overall company morale if the benefit offerings are not universal?

This scenario and condition vary with the situation and the attitudes of different employees. An emotionally stable person would look this in a positive way while pessimist person will look it in a negative way. Some employees may think that group performance or individual performance is not satisfactory and it leads to deprived of creative benefits. It is good to inform employees of any department where these plans are implemented and inform about the reason. Informing to the employee will increase their satisfaction level, and organization performance will increase overall (Eschleman, 2014).