What is the difference between the Resource-based Perspective and the Positioning Perspective?

Resource-based perspective is a management concept that deals with the availability of the strategic assets and its quantity. The main ideology behind it is an overview of the usefulness of the available resources that are available at the business disposal to gain a competitive advantage.

Positioning perspective on the other hand refers to the value the customers give to a business. This is the mental association of the customers towards a business or a brand. When we talk about the resource based perspective, we are referring to something that is in the control of the business and they can use it for their competitive gains. On the other hand when we refer to the positioning perspective, we move in to the domain of the loyalty of the customers which may be independent of the business or brand control. Though customer loyalty can be influenced by applying different business strategies. Customer perception of a business can be a decisive factor deciding the winner in a business competition.