Each method of social research comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Please name and define the methodological perspectives. Use specific examples given in class, in the text or from other outside sources to explain your answer and describe/illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods

Advantages and Disadvantages of Methodological Perspective

There are many types of researches. Qualitative research is a subjective kind of research. It is based on someone’s point of view. For example you ask someone an open ended question and you collect data according to their views. Quantitative research has more numbers in it. For example the counting votes for elections Interview is also one of qualitative research method (Kothari & Garg, 2014). In which you ask direct question to the participant. Observation method: in which you observe the behavior directly. Experimental is also a very famous method in which you have two categories and you compare the results of manipulated and non-manipulated participants last but not the least is survey. You give questionnaires to the participants ask them to mark their answer or write their answers. (Perner, 2001).The most effective technique is experiment. Every other method has a week points as observation can be wrong of conscious participant as it involves personal biasedness; different people observe differently.  People do not write exact things in survey. People don’t say everything true in interview. So every method has its pros and cons but if we have to select one so experiment has less chance to be wrong as compared to others.


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In considering Sudhair Vinkatesh’s ethnography (Gang Leader for a Day), discuss the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative methods. Vinkatesh applied both functionalist and conflict theoretical perspectives – describe how both theories could be applicable.