I belong to a culture where it is ok for men to show their anger but women are not expected to show their anger. Women are considered weak compared to men and therefore, the men have the right to be angry at women but not the other way around. To be honest, I have been a part of this conservative society and my beliefs were shaped accordingly. After I travelled to US, I realized that there is not a big gap between the right of men and women. Therefore, my belief have changed and I think that just like men, women should also be allowed to show some anger.

The podcast has provided example of Dr. Ford who reserved her anger while Judge Kavanaugh, who expressed his anger. There is a difference between these two behaviors. I mean for women, the overall society expects her to be polite and hence her reserving her anger might be helpful. On the other hand, men are expected to be masculine and hence their anger might be considered something that works in their favor.

I do not think that the society is yet ready to see angry women in the politics. They still expect women to be polite and hence being angry and in rage might not be helpful.