Case Study: Toyota Scion innovative advertising strategies

“If you are the new CEO of GM, how will you fight back”. You need to write a plan more than 200 words.

From the case study “Toyota Scion’s Innovative Advertising Strategies” it is clear that all the strategies used on the e-advertisements are successful and Toyota has been able to recognize its brand. Comparatively the GM e-advertising is decent but not as spread out on the internet sources that of Toyota. Where Toyota provides various means to connect with the audiences and to let audiences to connect back. For instance, audience’s connectivity through internet to Toyota is from the areas where Toyota is not even available which provides the opportunity to expand the operations of distribution in interested market.


As the CEO of GM there are few strategies that can be implemented in the plan of e-advertisement to help build better customer virtual experiences and raise market share.


Virtual Shop: the first strategies is to boost sales through online shopping with choices and other features offered by GM including delivery services under the hood of GM.


Connectivity: the second strategies is to connect with the audiences and the customers through internet sources a mean to preserve the relationship and improve it further by collecting feedback from the audiences over cars and comparison with other brands.


Implementation: these two strategies can be implemented through the use of “e-experience” that Toyota can offer and spread out to more internet platform in order to make sure its brand is recognized. By launching different levels of e- experience the company will be able to penetrate into the system and help develop better customer experience with the e-company setting and improve it according to the demographic details based on clicks and the feedback and preferences in features and comfort of vehicle.