Do you think that it is important to keep a reading journal? Why or why not? Have you ever kept a journal? If so, did you find it useful? Do you think you would use one in the future? Why or why not?


I have always found keeping a journal useful for a variety of reasons. The most recent time I kept a journal was when I was learning English. Whenever I would see something in my day that I knew in English, I would write it down, and by doing this I kept track of all the words I learned, and had a way to monitor that process. The more I wrote in my journal, the more I wanted to learn. It helped with words I did not know also, because I was able to jot down notes and things that I wanted to learn, and I could come back to it whenever I wanted.  I believe it is only a matter of time before technology gives us a device that keeps a journal of all your daily accomplishments etc.