What changes do you think you will personally need to make sure you stay current with technology?

Coping With Technology

The world is changing fast, and to be ready and competitive, people would need to keep up. Aside from technology taking over a significant part of society and people’s lives, it fuels globalization, making the distances between countries small, and opportunities greater. To cope with technology, of course one must equip himself with technology as well (Mick, & Fournier, 1998). For instance, nowadays almost every supporting tool are conveniently comprised on mobile applications, such as online banking, library databases, games, etc. Learning is an essential process. To be technological equipped, saving some space for learning new technologies and their applications to daily life and activities is recommended. Technology also provides tools to easily learn things, such as tutorial videos and discussion forums.

Learning must also constitute awareness and improvement. Learning does not stop with knowing the basics, but rather applying learned concepts in real life, and raise awareness so that others may cope up, too (Wagner, Kronberger, & Seifert, 2002) . A good teacher is also a good student. Hence, while teaching others through raising awareness, people should also interact with experts, the frontliners in technology, to have deeper insights about the importance of learned techniques and their applications. Technology is a dynamic entity that develops through time. People who know better will want to evolve together with technology. These people are rich source of motivation and inspirations in preparing the self with what more technology has to offer, particularly on the issue of designing solutions for current problems as well as future ones.