Use the following questions to develop a letter of introduction. 
Please write in paragraph form and be sure to address each question somewhere in your letter.

  • Where are you from? Where do you consider “home”?
  • What were your interests as a child? What are your interests now? Similar? Have they changed?
  • What have you studied that has interested you in the past? What would you like to study in the future?
  • Describe ways in which art has been a part of your life (think broadly here – formal/informal art or art history classes, music, theater, literature, movies, etc.)
  • Describe ways in which visual art has been a part of your life (think carefully here – where/when have you experienced visual art before? – in your house? Work? Trips to galleries/museums? Friend/sibling/spouse, etc. introduced it to you?
  • What would you like to learn about art? Any particular medium(s) or time periods interest you?
  • Name a few artists and/or art movements that you are familiar with (just describe them in basic terms if you aren’tsure) and why those were memorable to you.
  • In your mind and by your definition, what is art?
  • What role does art play in your life overall? Why is it important to you and/or your family?

Letter Of Introduction

My name is ABC, I born in Kuwait.  I have been living in the States, specifically in Virginia, for the past three years.

​Since I can remember, I have been interested in art.  When I was a child, I particularly enjoyed drawing.  Today, I still do.

​However, after giving this thought a lot of consideration, I have concluded that my attraction to art is not just limited to drawing.  It goes further than that.  It is basically due to the fact that in our culture, art is something that is always present, something by which we are continuously surrounded.

​Our houses, for instance, are built with a lot of architectural details.  Interior decoration is highly praised too.  In both, the outside and the inside of our homes, it is easy to find many art forms.  Ceramic art, sculptures, wood and ivory carvings along with complex mosaics designs are common.

​Our home in Kuwait is a perfect example.  I just need to close my eyes and “feel” all the beauty that it embraces.

​Calligraphy all over the Middle East is considered a beautiful form of art.  The Arabic alphabet, as you know, is very different from the English and most of the western language alphabets.  It basically contains 18 letter shapes but by adding one, two, or three dots to letters with similar characteristics, a total of 28 letters is obtained.  It is written with a soft and fine-looking cursive style.   Books as important as the Quran among many others have been written using this elegant calligraphy.

​Art is also expressed through our clothing, from the materials used to the design.  Likewise, art is manifested in the creation of so many perfumes and aromas.

​Now that I live in America, I have had the chance to experience art from a different perspective.  For example, I really enjoy going to the movies.  It is also natural to do so since this is the land where most of them are produced!

​I have also taken advantage of living in the Northern Virginia area and visited the National Gallery of Art, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. with my mom and sisters.  The experience was kind of overwhelming.  It was hard to believe that there we were, standing next to a Picasso or a Degas.  I was so delighted that I didn’t mind very much, the time period that those artists represented.  To me, they were all magnificent.

​Listening and appreciating music is also something that I do almost all the time, here.  There are so many variations, from country to pop and rock; so many groups and soloists to listen to.

​In any case, it is my opinion that what you might consider art, is something very subjective.  Therefore, it varies from one person to another. What I could call art, might not be call so by someone else.   Having said that, what I consider art    is the representation of something:  an idea, a feeling, an emotion, born in the mind of a person and made visual and/or concrete by the means of creativity and skill.   It corresponds to the “receiver” to appreciate and receive or not, such message.