Proposal Process

Proposal prepared in accordance to the following 7 steps can help sellers win contracts.

  1. Understand the requirements

Before there is an attempt to apply for a contract, it is important to understand the requirements of the customer. Solicitation is really necessary to understand the needs of the customer and the actual requirements of the project.

  1. Understand the customer

The customer itself is important to understand. The kind of business they do and the kind of services they are providing to their extended customers is understood before the proposal is written.

  1. Develop a methodology

The seller or the contractor has to develop a well thought methodology not just for how the needs of the customer would be met, but also how the proposal would be prepared and what would be its ingredients.

  1. Compare and evaluate different solutions

Different solutions are compared here so that the best possible options is presented to the customer that gets their attention. Extensive market research is done to make alternative comparison and evaluation.

  1. Outsmart the competitors

There are of course many other sellers interested in the contract that you want to acquire. If these competitors are not outsmarted, it means you have been outsmarted.  Competitor analysis is done and strategies to prepare better proposals than them are utilized.

  1. Write the proposal

At this stage the proposal is written. The customers’ needs are addressed with a clear statement of the reasons corresponding to the suggested solutions.

  1. Review and submit the proposal

The proposal is revised for any errors and omissions and then submitted for consideration by the customers.