After watching “Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process at Recycline”, Do you consider Recycline’s strategy for the Preserve brand a first mover or a second mover strategy? Explain. Perform a SWOT analysis on Recycline and identify their core competency and their weaknesses in the marketplace.

In my opinion, the strategy for Preserve brand is first mover as this strategy is not a result of any pressure from any competitor. Instead it is a strategy that is unique in nature where the consumers are fully involved in the production process of the preserve brand products.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: After watching the video, I must say that the core idea behind the operations and values of Recycline is the main strengths of it. They have developed a system where they are in regular communication with their suppliers and customers. They have an ethically strong motive to recycle and protect the environment.

Weaknesses: Recycline is reaching out to consumers through emails and other internet platforms but they are not focusing on televised advertisements. I think they should take full advantage of all electronic media.

Opportunities: I think that as time passes, more and more people are getting aware of the global warming and environmental disaster that is happening with the hands of our humans. This creates more opportunities for companies like Recycline who can help protect our environment.

Threats:  Price competition is the main obstacle to Recycline. They have to recycle before they can produce new products. This could be a costly process.