Which religious currents that influenced Chinese art are of local origin, and which imported?

Chinese culture is one of the oldest culture in the world history. This culture has undergone different religious and social changes throughout the history. Chinese culture has been influenced by different religions. Some of these religions are still present on Chinese soil while others may not be there.

Different religious ideologies affected Chinese art. Some of these religious ideologies were indigenous while others came from the outside world. Chines art is greatly influence by the philosophical ideologies of Confucius. This philosophy originated from China itself. Confucius ideology influenced not only Chinese arts, but it also had and still have a social impact on Chinese society. The other ideology that is influence Chinese art is Daoism which is also rooted in China. We can observe that Chines art work is influenced by the images of Buddha. Buddhism is an ideology that was embraced by many Chines. This ideology is of a foreign origin.