What factors are most crucial for the BID / NO BID decision?

I think that the most important factor in deciding whether or not to bid on a contract or not is how well you understand the customer and what exactly they want in regards to requirements or objectives. If you do not truly understand what is wanted it will be harder to fulfill that, but if you do understand all the objectives and requirements it will be more likely that it will work. If you do not know the customer too well you may not have any trust built so that is another important factor. If you know the customer then it is more likely there will be trust and confidence with the contract. Another important figure is how well you may know other competitors, because many times you will be bidding against huge companies that will be very unlikely to win against. If you focus on one thing instead of every contract it is more likely you will win a contract, rather than bidding on everything. Lastly, it is important to know your opportunities when you see them. If you understand the work, have the talent, know the customer, and understand their mission it is a good idea to bid.