Choosing a Research Topic

How to chose a Research Topic


On its face, choosing a research topic seems to be a simple task. But in reality when I started browsing the internet on how to choose a research topic, I was astonished to know that there is a whole process involved in choosing a research topic. For example there needs to be a brainstorming process before choosing a research process. Multiple factors need to looked into for selecting a research topic. For example there should be brainstorming, then there should be an overview of the literature already available to help conduct the research, then there should be a development of a list of the keywords related to the different research topics and then there should be a formulation of the research question (“How to Select a Research Topic | University of Michigan-Flint”, 2016).

For my research topic selection first I brainstormed different topics. Some of the research topics that came in to my mind were discrimination in educational setups, parental responsibility in the education of their children, the impact of internet on school going children, obesity in children and so on. The two topics that I chose for my research are: What are the risks of climate change and global warming? And health issues caused by smoking. In the following discussion I would discuss both of the topics one by one and towards the end of this paper, I would mention which topic I would choose for my future assignments and why.

Impacts of climate change and global warming

Research has indicated that people know little about different facts related to climate change and global warming. The information that people in general have about global warming is incorrect to a larger extent. I chose this topic because my personal understanding of global warming and climate change is limited. I believe that due to engaging in this kind of research, I would be able to enhance my understanding of the facts related to global warming. As I said that my understanding of the climate change implications is limited. But I am definitely concerned about its implications and how would the future of the world be in relation to the choices we make today.

There are different areas of this research that I think would appeal to a larger audience. First is that climate change is causing unforeseen weather conditions in the world. For example rapid climate change can cause floods in coastal areas. So people who live in coastal areas will be benefitted by the research if it is published online or disseminated in any other way. Climate change is also a main culprit in causing damaging wildlife fires in dry areas. This is one of the causes that could wipe out some animal species from the planet. Animal right groups can be interested in the findings of my research in my opinion.

If we speak of the interest of the general public, I think that the aspect of research related to causing intense heat waves would be in the interest of general public. Climate change can cause severe heatwaves which can cause dehydration and death in some cases.

Health issues caused by smoking

Smoking is a dangerous habit. I think that the topic of the health issues due to smoking can be interesting one. I see many of my friends and family members smoking around. To be very honest, I have also been smoking passively and I may also be a victim of the negative impacts of smoking. I think that researching this topic would first benefit me as I would be able to have a say against smoking in front of my friend and family members with more logical and scientific arguments. At the same time I would be able to convince smokers to engage in programs that would help them stop smoking. The research can also be helpful in highlighting the diseases caused by smoking. For example smoking can cause cardiovascular diseases that could cause a heart attack and eventually death. I believe that this research would benefit all the society in terms of creating an awareness. This research could also be of benefit to the people who want to put pressure on the government to have strict regulations related to the use of tobacco.

Choice of Topic

After a careful consideration, I have come to a conclusion that I would be researching the first topic i.e. Risks of climate change and global warming. I would prefer this topic over the research into the health issues of smoking tobacco because I am not that much aware of the medical field. Thought I am concerned with the negative impacts smoking. The topic is of my interest but involves a lot of medical terms and keywords that does not make a lot of sense to me. On the other hand when I look at the online materials related to Climate change and global warming, I find it both interesting and comprehendible to me.

There are many research papers available online that can be cited to help me in my research on climate change and global warming. Many of these research papers are available for free. I am sure that I would be able to find useful research material on the university library website as well.


I have high hopes from this course. I believe that as this course progresses, I would be able to learn to do real research. This would definitely prove helpful in conducting lengthy research that are mandatory for degree programs. I also think and hope that this course would motivate me to get to understand and like research. Research in different fields has been a major contributor to the progress of mankind.






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