1. The article, namely situational understanding, is based upon the fundamental basics of situational understanding and is enlisted in the Military review.
  2. Its basic understanding is about how situational understanding garners more control with the basic principles of daily life (Maltz, 2010).
  3. The article is interesting to the editorial board because it matches the chapter reading and is situated with the same basic teachings that are necessary to outshine the performance in the boo’s chapter.
  4. The article starts with the basic teachings of how multiple decisions make performance better and how group coordination brings out better output than individual performance and output.
  5. The article consistently emphasizes on how important it is for two or more people to work together on a project in order to work and operate in a successful manner.
  6. The article then moves towards defining the importance of situational attributes in decision making and how personal preferences make situational understanding more complex than other kinds of understanding.
  7. In this manner, the article is very concise for the editorial boars as it coordinates itself and constantly synchronizes with the teachings of the book’s basic chapter.
  8. Moreover, the article is basically __filled with the conceptualized teaching and learning of situational understanding (Maltz, 2010).
  9. This is an important and necessary format because it allows the article to __bring more attention of the readers and allow the peers to fill in to the article and study it in more in depth methods so as to gain more knowledge out of it.
  10. This is positive as it will __lure and attract even more readers on a daily basis.
  11. Further on, the article discusses as to how strong of an attribute culture is in situational awareness as well as situational understanding.
  12. The article is relentless in its ways of causing more speculations into the methods of situational understanding.
  13. The article synchronizes situational understanding with military organizations, operations and methods.
  14. Moreover, the article also focuses on the teachings of situational understanding in relation to military organizations.
  15. This is important as it will inform readers of applying such methods in their own relative ways so as to allow their lives to become easier and more understandable through the same methods(Maltz, 2010).