Article: Spinazzola, J., Rhodes, A., Emerson, D., Earle, E., & Monroe, K. (2011). Application of Yoga in Residential Treatment of Traumatized Youth. Journal Of The American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 17(6), 431-444.

Independent Analysis Article

The research article I use now for independent analysis article 6 talks about the Trauma Center that used Hatha yoga as way of treatment for the young people that suffer from trauma. This article is very related to my topic because it is specific and it shows the role of Yoga, which is a sport, in treating trauma and helping the youth. One of the key concepts that I find in this article is the mind-body modalities that are used as interventions to treatment and promote positive mental health. I will use this key concept to add information about the mind-body modalities methods because they talk in specific about the ways that would help the youth to take away stress and recover. For MnM, this new information expand our knowledge and give us ideas to open yoga branch to help the youth that suffer from Trauma in DC area.

The big idea of Spinazzola et al., (2011) is to extend the treatment concept in using yoga with youth in residential treatment, which is very related to the articles 4 and 5 that complemented about role of sports, which we can include yoga, in treating trauma and solving mental problems.

The article listed many sources to find the many strategies used to help people deal with trauma.  One of the sources they use is

Foa, E., Keane, T. M., & Friedman, M. J. (Eds.). (2000). Effective treatments for PTSD: Practice guidelines from the international society of traumatic stress studies. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

The source is cited several times. It is quoted. As the title of the article shows, this article research is on the effective treatments for traumatic stress. It adds more key concepts about other effective treatments and maybe more details about Yoga effect. I will try to locate this source for my next Independent Analysis because it shows that it has a lot of information about effective methods to treat trauma in youth.