Below is a newspaper and news video article of fining saggy pants.  The video takes a long time to load so be patient. 

Your assignment is to discuss the pros and cons of saggy pants as well as the idea of placing a fine on people who do “sag” their pants.  Do you agree or disagree and why? Look up any additional information about the history of this style and why or why it is here to stay or is it just a fade that will end soon on its own.  You must have at least one typewritten page on this subject.  Please discuss the economic impact for any potential fines as well as the impact on the clothing industry for the style (i.e. does it require buying certain style pants/shirt/underwear just to have the style).  

My View on Sagging Pants

I am not a fan of sagging pants myself, however, I do not have a problem with people choosing to sag their pants if that’s what they want to do. I grew up in a house where respecting your elders was a mandate. I tried sagging my pants but my mother and grandmother broke me from that phase. In my opinion, pants sagging is not as big of a deal as people make it out to be. Most of the people who are against pant sagging are people from older generations who were brought up with different morals. They fail to realize that everything changes with time and that our generation’s style of fashion is different from theirs. There are much more important things that people could be trying to get a petition for and ban like guns on the street or abortion but they want to focus on sagging. Sagging doesn’t hurt or kill anybody. It doesn’t rape or kidnap kids. All it is, is a sense of fashion. Now ill admit that some people do sag their pants way too low but still as long as there is no body parts showing than I don’t really care. There aren’t any pros of sagging pants that come to mind besides the fact that you dress how you want but there could be many potential cons of. One con could be that it’s a bad example for younger kids. Another could be that you could meet a businessman who you impressed in an interview and he sees you on the streets with your pants sagging and changes his opinion of you. The biggest con is to be considered a thug. As far as fining people for sagging their pants, that can’t be done. America is supposed to be the land of the free. If you fine someone for wearing their clothes the way they want, then I think your opening up a door for a lot of negative backlash. And it’s being going on for so long that I still believe whole heartedly that people would still sag their pants anyway. I don’t think the style will ever fade away because there are still high profile people (rappers) that guys look up to that are on a national stage and still always seen sagging their pants, especially down south rappers. As long as they see that there are successful people with money who are where they are trying to get to then it won’t change. And I don’t think it should as long as no one is physically being hurt by. Like I said before I don’t sag my pants but I feel that you should be able to wear your clothes how you want to and anyone who tries to strip of that freedom is wrong in every way possible.