Below is a newspaper and news video article of fining saggy pants.  The video takes a long time to load so be patient. 

Your assignment is to discuss the pros and cons of saggy pants as well as the idea of placing a fine on people who do “sag” their pants.  Do you agree or disagree and why? Look up any additional information about the history of this style and why or why it is here to stay or is it just a fade that will end soon on its own.  You must have at least one typewritten page on this subject.  Please discuss the economic impact for any potential fines as well as the impact on the clothing industry for the style (i.e. does it require buying certain style pants/shirt/underwear just to have the style).  

Saggy pants have become a universal issue.  It is said that this “fashion” was originated in Prison.  It is said that if a man sags his pants in prison, it means that he is letting the other prisoners know that he’s available for penetration.  However, there are people who oppose to this belief and feel differently.  Some people feel that since they are not in prison that this does not apply to them.  I understand that most people do it show off the kind of jeans they are wearing or their belts. I believe “sagging” pants are unattractive and I personally do not condone it.  With that being said, even though I disagree with saggy pants I oppose to the fine.  It’s ridiculous to fine someone for “sagging” their pants.  As a society, we can complain and voice our opinion on the matter but people have freedom of expression so they are going to continue to do what they want if that’s what they believe is most comfortable.  Another reason I disagree with the fine is because it violates the First Amendment to free speech and expression.  Everyone has different ways to express themselves, especially when it comes to fashion.  So with one sagging their pants they may feel this is a way to express their selves.  I also feel that this fine is mainly targeted towards the African American communities. I see it as racially based profiling even though all races sag their pants.