Global Speech

Many people have had dreams that never came true. Some of us have had great ones which are worth living for but never take a step to chive them. There are many reasons why people have dreams which never come to pass. The greatest challenge of all is the will and the attitude with which we approach our issues. The knowledge about something does not always determine how well we do it, but the commitment we have towards it determines how well we do it. The spirit to fight for the rights of people, just like Martin Luther King fought for the rights of the people who faced discrimination, needs courage and determination. There are many challenges that come with the struggle for one’s dreams and there are endless benefits to achieving them. My dream is that one day the world will be free of discrimination based on the languages and races of people as well as free from diseases that kill people from all countries every day , I will talk about three supporting ideas and it is Simple language , Repetition and Biblical reference .

Simple language is one of the pillars I have in my dream. If the world had one simple language that everyone can understand, it would have been better and easier to deal with the cases of discrimination and diseases. There would have been easier ways of controlling them long before they occur and also there would have been a common understanding of the occurrences around the world. Language barrier remains a challenge that many people have to deal with. The nursing profession for example has to standardize their operations so as to fit the level of understanding in every country. I have a dream that one day a common language will be used in all these places and the same meaning will be understood in all places. This will make it hard to discriminate against people of a certain language. It will also be easier to deal with the epidemics around the world.

Repetition of the mi done over and over by the irresponsible leaders has been the root cause for the problems the word experiences. The leaders in the developed countries have made a repetitive mistake of oppressing the developing economies through their policies and economic sabotage. This is always as a result of their determination to be rich and meet their greedy goals. The world will be better if the mistakes are identified, condemned and not repeated over and over again. The errors in the health sector are usually as a result of negligence and poor decision making. This repetitive error has affected the performance of the sector and eroded its efficiency and effectiveness. There are high chances of having a better healthcare system and less discrimination if the leaders who are assigned the  responsibility of asking sure that peace prevail, avoid repeating the errors of the past and make the right decisions.

From a religious point of view, the bible condemns mistreating others. It gives many guidelines as far as the lives of people are concerned. For example, the biblical teachings say that one should treat the other people the way they would like to be treated in return. The fact that there are many people with different view about life should not be the sole reason why they should discriminate the others who have different views. The bible also condemns negligence which has affected the world for many years. The leaders need to deal with the issues which affect the people and there should be as little negligence as possible. This way, I have a dream that one day there will be a world with no discrimination and no epidemics. It will however be a challenge if people are not willing to follow the teachings of the bible and continue with their evil deeds.

In conclusion, I have expressed the wishes of the dream I have but achieving it remains the major concern. There are many chances that the people who had a similar dream in the past ended up dying wit it since they had less support from the rest of the people. As we share the same atmosphere, there is a need to share the same dreams too. This is why I wish to encourage everybody that the dreams of a better world are a collective responsibility that requires the efforts of everyone. The repetitiveness of the mistakes, the biblical te3achings and the use of a simple and common language are just but a few of the things to achieve in order to get to the final goal. My plea is to the leaders, scholars and other people with responsibilities in the society, to take the necessary steps to lead the way.