Question 1 10 pts

Name one trend mentioned in the text about Managed Services.

Arrival of the Major Quick-service chains.


Question 2 10 pts

Once you outsource to a managed service firm, you no longer need to manage that aspect of your operations.



Question 3 10 pts

If you end up in a career in hospitality, you will most likely end up working with these two major food service providers (managed services)   Name one of them.

Aramark or Sodexo


Question 4 10 pts

What is the WTO?

World Trade Organization


Question 5 10 pts

What is the WTTC?

World Travel and Tourism Council


Question 6 10 pts

Name 2 benefits discussed in the text regarding Tourism to local economies.

Two benefits of tourism to local economies are spending more money on locally produced goods and services.

Question 7 10 pts

The WTO defines “sustainable tourism” as a suitable balance between what three items?

Environmental, economic and sociocultural aspects.


Question 8 10 pts

What is the CMAA?

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant


Question 9 10 pts

Name two trends on the Recreation and Leisure industry

An increase in all fitness activities and a surge in travel and tourism.


Question 10 10 pts

Yellowstone National Park is an example of a commercial or non-commercial form of recreation?