3.1 Standing to Sue

Four friends, John Bertram, Matt Nodern, Scott Olson and Tony Harvey……………

The place where the accident occurred is located in the State of Ohio so the laws of Ohio will apply in this case. The Michigan law of assuming the risks of snowmobiling does not apply in this case.

3.2 Federal Question

Nutrilab, Inc, manufactures and markets a product known as starch blockers. The purpose of the product is to block…………….

Yes. In this case an imminent actual injury as the product Starch Blocker is already in the market and it has not yet been approved by FDA which is a federal food and drug administration agency. FDA is requesting to stop the sale of Starch Blocker which will definitely cause a controversy due to the fact that Nutrilab will face financial loses.

4.3 Physical Examination

Robert Schlagenhauf worked as a bus driver for Greyhound Corporation. One night, the bus he was driving rear-ended a tractor-trailer……………….

I believe that Schilagenhauf will lose in this case as the court can issue an order of a physical or a mental examination whenever there is a controversy about the physical or mental status of a party. The order will be made on a motion of a good cause shown. In this case there exists a good cause.

4.4 Interrogatories

Cine Forty second street theatre corporation operates a movie theater in New York………..

Cine is not legally bound to answer any questions unless and until they have been ordered by the court of justice. In this particular condition, the case is already in the court and any proceedings related to the interrogation has to be done in accordance to the court orders not before that.