Impact of ignoring a disciplinary situation on the team

What is the impact of ignoring a disciplinary situation on the team? Department? Organization? 

Ignoring a disciplinary situation has a negative impact on individual and collective levels in an organization or any of its department. Each organization has its own rules and regulations. The proper functioning of an organization depends on the ability of its teams and individual employees to follow these rules and regulations in an effective manner. Following disciplinary guidelines is the key in maintaining a positive disciplinary situation where the employees generally follow the organization’s rules and meet the organization’s standards. Ignoring a disciplinary situation would cause the employees to lose their interest in voluntarily following the work effective environment of the organization hence negatively effecting the positive discipline environment.

Ignoring disciplinary situation also has a negative impact on the morale of the team of employees. Some of the employees take the ignoring of disciplinary against others as a bias towards them while those who have been prevented of the disciplinary action feels preferred and hence the balance of teams and groups is disturbed.

On the department level, the disturbed team balance and the low morale of the team members have a negative impact on the carrying out of the tasks and duties assigned to the department. This could seriously damage the performance of the department and lower its productivity.