The Cider House Rules (1999)

  1. Homer is rejected by two families because the first family thought that he is quiet and the second were abusive parents. The atmosphere at the orphanage, where Homer was accepted is of love and just like a family. Homer was a talented person and Dr. Larch like him as a family and wanted him to take over his job as abortionist after he retired.
  2. Homer does not approve of the abortion services provided by Dr. Larch. Homer has a positive attitude to life as a result in the orphanage. Homer also tries to follow rules outside the orphanage.
  3. At the orphanage, Home has to live as a family with people who are strange to him at the first place. The same is apple orchard. Dr. Larch and Mr. Rose are similar in a way that they follow their own rules. Home did not approve of the self-made rules in both situations but complied with them at the time of severe need.
  4. Homer, Wally and Candy are from different cultural backgrounds. Homer likes to follow rules while Wally and Candy are free souls. Homer cares for people and is concerned about people who may need him. That is why he returns to the orphanage.
  5. Rose’s statement mean that Homer should not interfere in what Mr. Rose does and does not. He should mind his own business.
  6. Homer had formed a relationship of love with the other orphans at the orphanage. People at the orphanage don’t have their parents and family and the relationship is based on providing a family feeling to each other. The relation of Homer with Cindy is a reflection of that relation where Homer is trying to provide Cindy the care a family can provide.
  7. Abortion is represented as something that is morally wrong but there are tough times when people have to opt for it. The moral is that tough times need tough decisions.