We are all biased based on our life experiences. Describe how you will manage these biases when you are a supervisor.  Be specific.  You do not necessarily have to state what your biases are, but please hold them in your mind as you talk about what you will do to address them.

This is a right assumption that all of us possess at least some biases due to the environment we grow up in or due to personal or group interests. As a supervisor, I believe that it becomes my responsibility to understand different situations where I can become bias and then I need to learn to deal with these situations in an unbiased manner.

Over here I would like to be specific about two situations where there is an opportunity for a bias to arise due to the fact that I have to supervise people who are somehow different than me. First is when I have to supervise people from the other cultures that me. There is a probability that I might develop a bias due to some inherited superiority or inferiority conflicts with people from that culture.  As a supervisor, I will try my best to be culturally competent and understand that we have to treat others with respect and dignity.

Secondly there is a possibility that I may have a bias with other employs due to their religion. Again I have to understand that each one has a right to freely choose their religion and I cannot discriminate anyone due to their religion. I will respect their believes and do not let it come in my way when I have to deal with these people.