The case under discussion is of great importance. As a principal of a high school, this is my primary responsibility to address such situations with my full commitment and attention. In case I am contacted by the superintendent about a situation where parents are complaining about the negative class environment specific to a certain teacher, I would carry out the following actions with immediate effect.

  1. In my opinion, the first thing that need to be done is to visit the class itself. I would go to the class for a meeting with the children and ask about their experiences very politely. This would give me an idea of the Quality of the relations between the teacher and students in the class. I would use rather indirect technique than directly asking about the behavior of the teacher. I believe that I will have to meet the teacher as well. It is important to know the issues that the teacher is facing in delivering the course material. The teacher might have personal issues that are interrupting in the professional delivery of duties at school.
  2. When I have been informed about the general issues that the students have at the class and the issues that the teacher is experiencing in the delivery of the course material, I will run a micro-evaluation method to closely assess the information that I have and draw inferences about the whole situation based on the micro evaluation.
  3. The micro evaluation process will lead me to know about the school environment, the conduct of the teacher and the students. This process need to study the past history as well that might be related to the situation. I will see if there have been anything of such kind and magnitude in the past and what the principal did at that time.
  4. At the end of the micro evaluation believe that I will be ready to draw inference about the problem in depth. Everything will be clear to be. I will be able to find he communication gap that exists between the teacher and the students. I will be able to propose any new training for the teacher or any other suggestions for the teacher to engage more positively with the students to improve the class environment. I would take special care that the teachers does not feel judged as a result of the evaluation process.