Is solicitation the perfect tool to find the best supplier?

I do think that solicitation the best tool to find a best supplier. The nature of the process of solicitation that involves either a sealed bid or a competitive negotiation, calls for a competition between many suppliers. The nature of the process of the solicitation that involves the suppliers to go through a tough process. Suppliers have to go through a strategic market research to research the nature pf equipment or services that are required by the buyer. The suppliers then have to understand the nature of the buyer’s business they will have to deal with. Then they look at what they can deliver and what they can’t before they make a decision of participating in the bid or not. If they decide to go to the bid, they have to do an in depth analysis of the solicitation. They analyze the needs of the customer again and find ways to do a productive communication to understand their needs more. After they have done and extensive research, they consider themselves ready to prepare a response to the bid and prepare a proposal. This proposal is reviewed again and again so that there is no shortcoming in comparison to their competitors. Only then is a proposal submitted. The point behind this discuss is to emphasize on the quality a buyer can achieve if they use solicitation as a tool to find a supplier. The competition between different suppliers would make sure that the best product or service is deliver to the customer. The power can still remain in the hands of the customers as they have to pass a bill at the completion of different tasks. So if a task is not completed with the best quality possible, the suppliers can be asked to make improvements. The buyers can also make sure in the terms of the contract that the supplier agrees according to the terms of the customer in the provision of different services and physical goods.