After reading The Yellow Wallpaper and The Garden Party, write a compare and contrast essay looking at the main characters. How are they similar? How are they different? This paper should be at least two pages in length. 

Compare and Contrast Paper


Charlotte Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Katherine Mansfield’s “The Garden Party” are both in light of perspectives of ladies having the capacity to turn out and address the world. There are numerous distinctions in the two stories additionally a great deal of examinations.

Both ladies talk about ladies who are detained, however at the time one is more than the other. Both books show ladies finding opportunity at one point from society’s models.

Both ladies have a message they are attempting to get out to others. The writer of the “Yellow Wallpaper”, the book kept in touch with dishonor a real cure that Charlotte herself was treated with, talks about somebody who endures with the same cure. Being to a great degree sexist and predisposition the treatment is no great to ladies. The conviction is that a ladies’ emotional sickness originates from the loins of her ovaries. The speaker of the story is a ladies talking through a man’s eyes. She is her very own casualty spouse who just so happens to be a specialist. As the affliction advanced being limited by her spouse did not help. She began daydreaming seeing diverse examples along the dividers and shadows all through the room.

Presently with Katherine Mansfield’s story she appears to originate from the eyes of a young lady who fears men. She appears to discover demise as a solace and even delightful. While setting up a gathering, she discovers that her neighbor has passed on. Rather than halting the gathering due to the commotion her and her mom, sister and companions proceed. After words the family assembles a pardoning wicker bin to provide for the neighbor. While “Laura” talks with the neighbor, she is welcomed inside. While inside she sees the corps on the bed in the room, and as opposed to shouting of crying she has a leap forward. She understands that when you’re dead everything is shellfish and excellent thus unwinding.

Both ladies demonstrate a great deal of similitudes in which both see that passing may be not such an awful thing. Both stories depend on feministic perspectives and focuses through the eyes of ladies.

Be that as it may, yet one is rationally tormented more than the other.

Both stories abandon me with an inclination that since somebody can trap your body, they can never trap your brain. The intriguing creative ability that exists in our brains and the way agony and hurt can make our own particular eyes see stuff that truly is not there.

Ladies and men ought to be just as responsible on everything, from how they are dealt with to how they are talked with. No man or ladies is superior to the following and the creative ability the both creators express can just leave a trail of the amount of agony they were both going tossed at the time.

I for one loved the “Yellow Wallpaper”, and every one of the emotions he depicted in her book. With her own particular spouse tormenting her to shutting out reality.

I feel with enough passionate harm our eyes and psyches will in the long run begin playing recreations in our spirits.