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Presentation Notes

Slide 2: Research has suggested that there are many issues faced by women due to their Gender Group.

Following is a list of few of the conflict areas:

  1. Gender Difference at work
  2. Gender Difference in family conflicts
  3. Gender Difference in social context

I will be explaining these topics one by one in the coming discussion
Slide 3: Gender Difference in work

  • Women find it hard to find a job compared to men

There are less job opportunities for women as compare to man in many countries of the world.

  • Work environment is not always Women friendly

Women might face problems at the places they work. These working places may be away from home

  • Women face Sexual Harassment at work

There are cases where man members of the offices may want to take sexually harras women staff members.


Slide 4: Gender Difference in family conflicts

  • Women considered to be cause of Family Conflicts

Because women are most of the times at home, they are considered to be causing problems at home.

  • Women considered weak in families and have less control

Women are considered to be physically and mentally weak by male dominate family systmes.


  • They don’t enjoy financial independence

In many countries women do not have control over financial matters of the family and man make all decisions.

Slide 5:  Gender Difference in social context

  • Women have identity issues in different cultures

Women want to be identified to be who they are, not because of the male family members and other men.

  • Women voting rights in some countries

Women do not have voting rights in some countries.

  • Women leadership issues

Women are not considered to be good leaders and therefore they may not rise to leadership positions.

Slide 6: Issues faced by working women in Saudi Arabia

  • There are less job opportunities for women
  • Women education has not been prioritized in the past
  • Women cannot go very far from home to do job
  • Women not on high positions

Slide 7: Family conflicts and women in Saudi Arabia

  • Man is considered the head of family
  • Man decide most of the matters and conflicts in families in past
  • Women are consulted in family matters now
  • Women have considerable control over home finances

Luckily women are provided my enough money to run a home in Saudi Arabia

Slide 8: Women in social context in Saudi Arabia

  • Women have recently been given voting rights

In Saudi Arabia, Women can now vote in the local government system.

  • There are not many women who are community leaders

Mostly man are the leaders of the different communities in Saudi Arabia.

  • Women have recently started to get to good job positions

In the recent years, Women are rising to good job positions in some companies.

  • Women actively fighting for car driving rights

Saudi Women are in the news where they want rights to drive a car without a male and alone.