List the forms out of The Performance Appraisal Handbook that you found most useful and why?

The most interesting and useful one in my opinion is the performance log. When I go back and look at information from the past that I log for myself for any reason it gives me clarity that really helps me to make decisions. How could anyone really hope to go from memory on these types of things? So this would be the best thing to keep track throughout the year for review times because you can go back and look at them and then make a sound review decision for the employee in question. Doing it all from memory would seem like a very unreliable manner of doing it because you will likely forget both good and bad points that are important and worth remembering. The kudos was another one that I thought was really useful because people really need to have the positive points brought up and praised and anything that does that in my opinion is a good thing. I am actually surprised that I have never heard of this form and would really like to use it myself in a work position of leadership.