What is a mixed numeral?  How can you apply it to regular life?  

What is a mixed numeral ?


Answer 1: Mixed numerals are all around us, it is basically a combination of a whole number and a fraction. An example of this can be all the prices that we see in stores, but they are written in a different way, like when we have 9.99, this also can be written like 9+(99/100), so we see this all the time but we just don’t give it much attention.


Answer 2: A mixed numeral is when we have both a whole number and fraction next to each other. Like this for example: 2+1/2. In regular life we see that all the time, but in the form of 2.5. A lot of times we do not have a whole number when buying something, it is a fraction and number, but shown in a different way.