President Barack Obama

  1. Do you believe that Barack Obama made a difference in the lives of Black people?

I think that the US society has been progressing over the history. Many people have been contributing to the lives of different Americans. Martin Luther King has been the pioneer in the present political awareness of the African Americans. If we talk about the efforts made by Obama, I would say that he has contributed by motivating the African Americans to recognize their potential and come and try to get involve in the US politics and other walks of lives. So I do believe that Obama has played an important role in the lives of Black people by motivating them to not lose hope in America.

  1. What will be President Obama’s Legacy as the First Black President?

Obama is definitely going to leave an imprint over the American history as he has been an agent of a paradigm shift in the US political history by becoming the first Black American President. He has been vocal against racism. He has kept the American Dream alive. As a Black person himself, he has tried to create harmony between different races in America. He has been vocal about welcoming cultural and religious diversity. I think that he has played an important role in portraying America to be a diverse country with each of its citizen equally important.