National Government consists of three branches

  1. Presidency – How many cabinet members? Who has Donald Trump appointed to his cabinet for his upcoming presidency?

In total, there are 16 cabinet members. One member is the vice President and in addition there are 15 heads of the executive departments (“The Cabinet”, 2016).

  1. Congress – How many Democrats and Republican members for the new 2017 session.

There are 246 Republicans in the House of Representatives and 54 in the Senate. There are 118 Democrats in the House of Representatives and 44 in the Senate (“Composition of Congress by Party 1855–2017”, 2016).

  1. Supreme Court – How many current Judges are now on the Supreme Court? How many judges will Trump have the opportunity to put on the court?

The number of the Supreme Court Judges is decided by the US Congress. In 1896 it was set to be 9 by the congress and since then it has been 9 (Court, 2016). President Elect Trump will have the opportunity to appoint one Supreme Court Judge.