In a local or national newspaper, find an article about a topic related to business ethics. Read the article. Then, write 3–5 paragraphs that answer one of the following questions:

Explain what the article is about. Identify what you believe to be the goals and objectives of the business managers or owners described in the article. Do you find their objectives consistent with the stakeholder model described in your text? Do you think most managers consider stakeholders outside of their company? Why or why not? 

Article: Tugend, A. (2014). In Life and Business, Learning to Be Ethical. Retrieved 9           October 2016, from

The article provides an overview of why businesses need to follow ethical standards and how they can do so. The article has referred to many scientific researches, which makes its findings and suggestions reliable. The article argues that there are many times in our lives that way may remember later and we think that we could have acted ethically but we can’t do anything about it now.

The author of the article have made it clear that all stakeholders have to act ethically under any circumstances. In my opinion the article is consistent with the stakeholder model as it emphasizes on every one (internal and external stakeholder) to act ethically. The authors has shed light on group dynamics and argues that groups may have a lower tendency to help others when the number of its members is greater. This is somehow the case among the stakeholders in my opinion where each person may try to transfer their ethical responsibility to others.

Overall the article calls for an action when it comes to the application of ethical standards. It is a good read for those who cannot act ethically or who do not consider ethics to be important.