Video Title: Connecting Students to the Globalizing World

Review of the Video

 The video provides an insight into the role of Professor Paul Tennassee who is the rector of international affairs at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). He has been playing a vital role in organizing different forums within the university and in the local community to get in contact with the global world in a productive manner. Professor Tennassee has a powerful point to make where he says that “what is local has a global dimension and what is global has a local dimension”. He understands the importance of the location of UDC i.e. Washington DC and therefore never misses a chance to let his students participate in events organized by international organizations in DC. This participation lets the students make new connections with the representatives of a global community. Professor Tennassee also trains his students to be mentors to their respective local communities in different walks of life. The Citizen Diplomats training programs has helped many students to learn to act like actual diplomats on the global arena. Professor Tennassee is playing a vital role in providing the students an opportunity to get practical experience beyond theory to be competent in dealing with the challenges of the globalizing world.