Video Title: TRUMP vs CLINTON – 2016 US Gen Election, A Preview

Review of the Video

In this video, Paul Tennassee examines the main issues discussed in the 2016 presidential elections related to different communities in America especially the Caribbean community and the Caribbean Nations. Paul Tennessee has acted as a moderator and discussed the said issues with his guests, Curtis Ward who is a former Jamaican Ambassador to the UN and Brandon Todd who is a Washington DC Councilman. According to Brandon Todd, Hillary Clinton who is a Presidential Nominee by the Democratic Party has a clear agenda to include everyone in the American political process and spread hope while Donald Trump who is a Presidential Nominee by the Republican Party is spreading fear and is trying to exclude certain communities from the democratic process. According to Curtis Ward, Hillary Clinton needs to adopt the proposed policies of including the younger generation in the electoral process and reach out to the middle class and uplift their lives. I believe that both of the commentators have a clear vision about the policies of both the presidential candidates as each American Citizen needs to be treated equal and the proposed policies of Donald Trump to Ban certain communities from entering the country and building a Wall on Mexican borders would cause communal tension which is not good for the future of the country.