Explain why the argument that “anything that is legal is ethical” is insufficient.

The argument that “anything that is legal is ethical” is insufficient due to many reasons. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Laws are made with time looking at the requirements of a specific society and a given time. Laws may sometimes be used to legalize unethical things like a capital punishment is considered by many to be unethical but it is legal in many countries of the world.
  2. Laws may be based on moral concepts that may need further explanations. Some of these moral concepts may be unethical.
  • Laws may be different in different countries of the world while ethics remain mostly the same.
  1. Laws may not be sufficient to achieve ethical standards. The achievement of ethical standards is relevant to personal and corporate choices. Once may chose not to follow ethics while not following the law is not a choice.
  2. Laws may not have the capacity to predict the future ethical issues. Laws may need to be amended with changing ethical standards and needs.