Video case study:


Operation management is mostly required in the organizations for it to achieve the set goals. This is due it’s concerned with designing, controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations. Continuous improvement is the critical to organization; productivity improvement is the ongoing process. In order to record higher level improvement, every part of the organization should be responsible. Understanding and proper analyzing the processes in the organization can lead to significant efficiency gain.

In the Arnold Palmer hospital, a number of graphical techniques and tools have developed to aid processes. Among these tools are the traditional flow charts which shows a process, with the interconnected lines , value stream mapping which has only customers and suppliers, time function  map which has diagrams with time indicated on the horizontal axis,  process chart which uses simples to show the flow of people or materials and  services blueprint  which  shows customer and customers interactions and also process strategies is  required in the organization.

Since opening day in 1989 the Arnold Palmer Hospital has experienced an explosive growth in demand for its services. One of the tools that the hospital uses to analyze its processes is the process flow chart. This is clearly shown in the video. In the video we see those who are involved the making of this flowchart. It’s made by the hospital staff to help easy movement of activities such as vacated room turnaround time, admissions, inventory and delivery of food service the hospital.  One of the factors that have led to this hospital improvement is the delivery of the customer satisfaction services. In the video, we see high level of care is taken once the patent steps in the hospital. Workers in the hospital are seen to be hardworking individuals in the process of saving the lives of the patient.

In the video, when the patient reaches the hospital, her documents are checked to find out whether she is already in the hospital documents. If her details are not found, she is taken for the next room for the first time registration. Registered patient are directly taken to the delivery room. The patient is treated according to her needs. if the baby born has complications, he/she is taken to the intensive care unit before taken to the mothers room. The records of the patient and the baby in the computer are taken to the responsible officer. Payment is done before the patient steps out of the hospital. In the video, Arnold Palmer Hospital has taken close attention to its design processes to improve service productivity.

Flowcharts in the Arnold Palmer Hospital are made to study and improve every aspect in the hospital. The process tools help the manager to understand what is going on the hospital. This has led to great improvements in Arnold Palmer Hospital to serve patient according to their satisfaction in the rising population the United States.