Case: “Game Enough” Chapter 1

  1. What do you think are the main reasons behind the firm’s demise? Can it do anything about the situation? Explain.

As I see it, Game Enough has taken advantage of the change in the variation of the theme and has not focused on making considerable changes to the overall theme. They have gone with the tide and involved in practices that they thought were bringing profits just like others who made a quick profit. There is a lack of invention and creativity in their practices. Invention and creativity are the tools of producing insight into problems that might arise at different levels of an organization (Proctor, 2013, p.6). Due to the lack of creativity, Game Enough management is unable to produce a meaningful insight into the problem at hand and there is a confusion of what might have caused the firm’s demise.

I think that the firm needs a paradigm shift. They need to go beyond of the blame game and start think about being innovative in defining the problem with the help of proper market and industry research and dedicated organizational team to assess the problem and point out plausible solutions. This organization seems to be based on an authoritative structure where the top management is making all the decisions. For any organization to function productively, there has to be an equilibrium between authority and meaningful organizational communication (Dessein, 2002). They need to improve their internal organizational communication and involve all employees at different organizational levels.