1. Think back to the beginning of the semester and the kickball/dodgeball competition. It may also be helpful to re-read your response on the midterm concerning the team relationship. (If you need a copy of your response, please let me know.)
  2. Now, think about the same dodgeball/kickball activities this past week and provide a few insightful sentences to the following questions:
  3. Over the time of the course, how has the relationship between yourself and your team changed?

If at all? Do you identify more with your team now? Are there specific reasons/experiences/examples why this may be the case? If not, what could have been done differently?

  1. Did you feel more competitive at the final event than the first event? Why or why not?

Seriously reflect on this question. What do you think may have driven the more competitive or less competitive feelings?

  1. If offering the course again, should there be any changes to the course to help students learn these crucial themes?

A2.      I find that the previous weeks have changed a lot for me and my team mates. I have begun to understand their movement as well as mine. I feel like I can communicate with my team mates far better off one than i could when compared with the time when I joined the team for my first game. the coordination has definitely improved and it has also allowed for more effective team play. I do identify more with my team now. The matter of fact that i can understand when my team wants to go on the offensive and when it wants to play defensive shows that i am able to identify more with my team. I can also predict moves that certain team mates may make at a particular time during a game. All of this has been possible, I believe, through the fact that i have been giving more time to my team and have been playing as a collective person rather than focusing the gameplay to be solo. Yes, i felt more competitive at the final event. This is not because i actually eanted to prove to the other team or my teammates that i eas better at what role i played in the game. No. I felt competitive in the game because i felt nice when i earned a point or a win in the game. The feeling would excite me and make me feel like i have earned an award for myself.  I dont think that any extra additions are necessary for the course since the course is already well established and efficiently clears out its poibts. The students, if they pay enough attention, can learn everything there is to the topics in the course.


Parry, J., Robinson, S., Watson, N. J., & Nesti, M. (2007). Sport and Spirituality: An Introduction. London: Routledge.