1. Imagine a scenario in which Napoleon had not lost to Britain.    Answer-If Napoleon had not lost to Britain, he would have ruled the European landmass any longer. There was no one to test him aside from the British. He would have been the undisputed expert of Europe. Nations under his occupation would have turned out to be a piece of the French realm. A greater part of the terrain Europe would have been communicating in French today and France may even have been topographically greater than it is presently.
  1. Consider the possibility that space flights had not been conceivable. 

    Answer-I think if space flights had not been conceivable, man could never have set foot on the moon and sent each one of those missions there. We would even now have pondered about how to cross the physical limits of the earth, and companion in tot the wide spans of the dull space. The main data about space would have been that through the powerful telescopes.
  2. . Imagine a scenario in which African individuals had never been subjugated. 

    Answer-The number of inhabitants in the African individuals outside their mainland would have been to a great degree low. The greater part of them would have been living all alone mainland. African individuals needed to experience a considerable measure of torment in their servitude and being conveyed to different parts of the world as slaves. That hopelessness and torment could never have happened, and Africa would have been a much more satisfied spot. Its tenants would have been much more satisfied, and there would have been a great deal more improvement.
  3. 4-What if there was no Abraham Lincoln? 

    Answer-America would have most likely been involved by the confederates who might have kept dark individuals as slaves. I question whether there would have been the sort of advancement that we see these days. There would have been less human rights, less equity and lesser correspondence of chance. Individuals other than white individuals would have felt unwelcome and as peons.