The map was clean: this is where he would find it. He just hadn’t expected that he’d have to get wet. Reluctantly, he swam out to the giant concrete circle. He looked down into it but couldn’t see the bottom. He sighed, took a deep breath, and dove under.    

He had been informed this round structure was quite old, dating to the seasons of Jesus and his followers. There was gossip that he used to come here frequently, to take a beverage of this water of this expansive lake. He needed to look at the entire of it, take tests and test whether there was any truth to it.

He plunged while wearing the vital hardware. Gradually, tin the daylight and the light of the light, he began to dissect the structure. The blocks were extensive, much the same as the structures of that time. He took tests of the material which was holding these extensive squares of rocks together. From top, above water, it was a roundish structure. Be that as it may, from the base, it began to shape out like a square. As he was circumventing the structure, he discovered something bewildering. There was a cross badge cut into the stone, with something composed other than it. He couldn’t accumulate what it was, however his speculation was that it was most likely Aramaic, the dialect that Jesus talked. He took out the camera, and recorded precisely the composed words and the cross in the light of the light.

Underneath that structure, down there he found a couple of little questions that looked entirely old. He presented to every one of them to the surface, happy with the work that he had done today. He was certain he had discovered something important.