1. Where have you recently seen the use of statistics and data analysis where you might not have expected it? How was it being used?

The statistics and data analysis is being used in almost every field in different ways. As far as the recent use of statistics and data analysis is concerned, I saw it somewhere where I was not expecting it. Initially, the statistics was used only in research studies and that too particularly with social sciences and some other disciplines. However, around two months ago, I saw a job opening for statisticians required in a software house. This amazed me a little bit because I was thinking that what statisticians have to do in a software house (McDaniel & Gates, 2013).

After reading the job description, I understood that statisticians are making their places in every field and in every job and they are undoubtedly the hot job of the future. The statistics were needed by that software house for data analysis and statistical listing of their critically important data.

  1. Top companies are finding that many talented analysts and statisticians actually have backgrounds in other disciplines such as economics, mathematics, and computer sciences. How do you think these disciplines relate to and inform the approach to data analysis?

It is a matter of solid fact that usually statisticians and talented data analysts have their backgrounds in other disciplines such as mathematics, computer sciences or economics. However, these disciplines to related to and inform the approach to data analysts in a significant manner. These disciplines are actually much related to the statistics because they cover things which are primarily focused in statistics. In terms of computer science, it is about data analysis and data designing which is also studied by statisticians as data analysts. Mathematics and statistics both deal in numbers and thus add an important part to that of data analysis (Mehta, 2016).

Lastly, there are many other disciplines where statistics plays an important part and statisticians usually come from such backgrounds. Hence, in general, it can be concluded that these disciplines relate to an inform the approach to data analysis.


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