After Watching the video “Product and Service Strategy at Recycline”, why is the development of an entire product line critical to Recycline’s growth and success? At which stage are most “green” products in the product life-cycle? As these products mature, what can be done to extend their product lifecycles?

Recycline is a small company, they have only a few products in the market but they have a many more products in the product pipe line. Therefore it is important for them to have an entire product line that is well managed. They need it due to the fact that they have beat their competitors as they might have many more products to offer in the market as compared to Recycline. If we talk about the products that are called “Preserve”. The research was done and the products are already in the market. Many products are still in the pipeline at the moment and research and competitive analysis are being carried out on them.

To extend the life cycle of green products, Recycline needs to engage in scientific research that will guide them to make their products more efficient and available to their customers for a long term usage. Recycline need to better understand their products from start till their end. They need to focus on the packing and transportation of their products and provide guidance to their customers about how to use these products. They also can engage with their customers and ask for their opinion about the effectiveness of the green products.