After watching the video “Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management at Recycline”, as Recycline makes more headway into the larger retail chains, what challenges will it face? What type of marketing channel would be the best to support Recycline’s growth over the next five years?

Recycline is a growing company with a clear vision. It was born in the natural channel like the ordinary grocery stores according to its marketing director. They have been trying to reach out to larger retailers to grow their company rapidly and there has been success to some extent. Some of the challenges they are facing is consumer awareness where the customers know what they have been offered. It is obvious that big retailers would ask Recycline the fundamental question of who will buy the product if they place it in their stores? These big retailers like Walmart have thousands of other products. Recycline has to produce that will be able to compete with these products.

The most effective marketing strategy for Recycline is to communicate with their potential customers and influence big retailers to also communicate with their existing customers to let them know they have green products on their shelves. Recycline can also use the traditional means of marketing but customer’s awareness is fundamental to their success in my opinion. Once the customers are aware of the green benefits of the Recycline products, most of them would definitely want to contribute to the cause of protecting of environment and would show interest in purchasing these green products.