Please explain what is philosophical about the field of Criminology? How do the authors see criminology as an arm of the law? And is/should criminology be an arm of the law? PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER BASED ON THE TEXT.


Criminology is the scientific study related to causes and consequences of criminal behavior. It further leads to prevention of such acts under law and order situations. This branch of science is directly having its concern with people related to sociology, psychiatry, psychology and social anthropology. Most importantly, field of criminology is helped by psychology and human behavioral studies. This is basically an indisciplinaryy field related to behavioral sciences and social sciences. In this paper, the philosophical aspects of criminology will be discussed along with the detailed focus on criminology as an arm of law.

Criminology has a fruitful collaboration with methodological philosophy. It serves as a logical tool in the development and analysis of formal logic, informal logic as well as philosophical logic about the case study. One of the most important ways to connect criminology and philosophy with each other is the direct connection of research methods with each other. During implying the research methods in cases, criminologists make intelligent guesses about the problems encountered at the time of solving them. This provides a great source of accumulation and appropriation in law relating problems. Through philosophical theories, criminologists have successfully achieved knowledgeable answers to many problems related to their criminology related cases. Through philosophy, criminal psychologists try to determine the personality traits of the suspected people with collaboration of evidence collected at the crime scene.

Criminology is considered as a strong arm of law. It is one of the most popular fields which hold an ability to discover all the possible aspects of the crimes occurred in current era. In the law and order situations, criminologists are given to responsibilities for making appropriate solutions as the first priority by law makers. It is very important for criminal justice to work as professionals with criminologists to sweep off crime from the society. The field of criminology has proved to be a major source of help in dealing with terrorism and terrorists’ attacks all around the globe. It is merely connected to terrorism research to great extent. In the world of crime, it has proved to be helpful in studying human behavior and identify all the suspicious aspect which would be difficult task for the unrelated people of this field to solve.  It has greatly supported the law by its psychological and sociological aspects. It has also played a key role in helping swipe expected crime which could harm the future generations by its violator effects. Criminology should be an arm of the law because this field is successful in categorizes different kinds of personality traits and analyses all the effects which could have happened at the site of crime. It helps in identifying those factors which could not be understood through practical implications of the crime. Forensic technology has also supported the field of psychological criminology and it had made this field more reliable and fair. Moreover, it has served as a great source of ease for the police track downs. The results made with the help of criminology are more accurate as compared to other hypothetical implications.

In the end, the field of criminology demands a lot of philosophy for its accentuation on a serious note. This philosophy leads to proper solving of cases which could range from murder cases to severe terrorists’ attacks. This aspect leads to something more than just practical thinking. It opens the door of making imaginative yet intelligent hypothesis. The branch of psychology is equally profiting by this field. These theories are seen to be successfully implied and solving many diverse criminal cases which were fatal for law and order situations all around the globe.