I have searched the internet to get an idea of what are the different areas I can go for to do individual relational meetings with interesting people. I have come up with several ideas and among them I decided to conduct these meetings with the business owners who migrated from the Indian sub-continent and established a successful business in the USA.

I went to India A-1 Grocery store that is owned by an Indian immigrant, Depak Patel. The grocery store is very famous among Pakistani and Indian community for the variety of different Indian spices. I meat with Mr. Patel in his store and requested for some time for a one to one meeting. He said that had was ready for the meeting at that exact time. I agreed to conduct the meeting and we went to his office.

I asked Mr. Patel about the circumstances that led him to migrate to USA. He said that he belonged to a poor family back in India. He happened to be very interested in travelling the world and owning a business that could provide him and his family enough money to lead a good life and travel to other countries. He got an opportunity around thirty years ago to travel to USA. At that time he was 30 years of age. He came to America and started to work as a laborer in a factory on daily wages. He said that he was passionate about communicating with people from different cultural background and at the factory he had an opportunity to interact with people from different countries who had travelled to USA in search of a better life just like him. He coupled his interest in knowing about the operations of a business and communicating with diverse group of people and learned to become a person who is capable to start his own business and lead a team of employees.

He started his own business with a different name 17 years ago with only one person working as an employee with him. With time the name of his business evolved and at present it is India A-1 Grocery. He has 14 people working under him.

I observed that MR. Patel was a man of hard work. His employees had a greater respect for him and he himself appreciated the effort that his employees put into his store. He leads from the front and has introduced different bonus packages for his employees that serve these employees at different religious and personal occasions. He constantly communicates with his employees and asks if they have any problems that he, as the business owner can help. As a good leader, he visits the houses of his employees whenever he is invited. This is why he has built strong relationship with his employees that is based on mutual respect. He is a polite person who is passionate about the growth of his business and the welfare of his employees.

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