For my meeting 1 assignment, I had gone to the India A-1 Grocery store and conducted a meeting with the owner Mr. Depak Patel. When I went there for the meeting I also meet the store supervisor, Mr. Mahindra Krishna. Krishna is from India and came here to US as a student. He is on a settlement visa at the moment. I called the store and fixed a meeting with Krishna.

I meet Krishna at a nearby cafe for the individual meeting. I started the meeting by asking about his studies that were the main purpose he came to US. He said that he did his graduation in business administration at the Marymount University. Krishna came to the US with an intention to make a standard life here at the US as he said that back home, there are not enough opportunities and the life standard is not that good. He has always been passionate about owning a business or getting in to a career related to business administration. According to him, he could have not started his own business in India because he did not have the financial support. In the US, he said that he can save some money and also can apply for a lone once he feels comfortable to start his business. I asked about his other plan, which is a job in business administration field. He said that again US is the best place for it. In US he has more chances of succeeding based on his own efforts while in India you need to have contacts in every field, he said.

He enjoyed good relations with the people that are part of his life. He said that he is married and his wife is an American Citizen. She has been born and bred in US. She is very supportive to him. He had many friends from different nationalities due to his time at the Marymount University. He meets his friend from time to time. He said that knowing people from different cultures adds a quality to your relations. You get to understand that racism is not the kind of behavior that is appropriate. Its gives you a lesson of equality and respect. He said that working at the store, he has to deal with people from all walks of life and all ethnicity. He respects everyone and tries to help others who might need his help.

Krishna has got a passive personality, in my opinion. He is a good person by heart but I do not think that he would be a great leader. As we can see from the detail of the interview, he seems to be controlled by the circumstance in many cases. Like he said that he did not think that he would have many opportunities in India without even trying and staying in India. He also seems confused about what he really wants to do. This is also not a good sign if we have to consider him for the leadership qualities. So I think that he will have a good future due to his education but he might not be a good leader.

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