Taj Mahal construction and specification

Jamaluddin, D. (2007). Mughal Warriors – Taj Mahal construction and specification.            


This YouTube link provides details about the reason Taj Mahal, India was constructed and how the construction took place. The content in the video is credible as it has been produced by History channel which specializes in history related content. The video has gone into the minute details about the construction from the design phase till it was constructed. A digital reconstruction of Taj Mahal is presented that goes into the depth of steps about how the foundations of Taj Mahal were put and how its other parts have been built. The video also features a conservation engineer who provides details of how the dooms of Taj Mahal may have been built. Another professor in the video provides details of where the Taj Mahal might have been planned to be constructed originally and why was the plan abandoned and constructed where it is now.